Passionate web development
Make things happen
Choose us as your outsource IT team
We specialize in creation of high quality web applications. In the core of Codanna is a bunch of senior geeks with over 15 years of experience in web and system development.
Whatever your project is
...take it to us. Over the years of experience we made a diversity of middle to large apps using dosens of techs.
We'll help you decompose your project, evaluate it, and plan development to make things predictable.
Flexible stack
There is a proper tool for every task. With our expertise it's easy to pick appropriate stack.
Be effective
We take efforts to organize our work in the most effective way. We use agile methodology and track time.
No client left behind
We take every project personally and don't leave technical debts. Whenever you'll need support or new feature - we'll be there for you.
Tell us what you're up to.
We'll estimate you project for free.
We have Non Disclosure and Intellectual Property agreements for every our enterprise project.
Nappy.Cloud is a project of our own. It's a media cloud for kiddie photos with social networking functionality.
What else
We like start-ups
Many of our clients are StartUps. Our stack of choice for robust MVP development is Ruby on Rails with monolithic or Vue.Js frontend.
Grow with us
Growing out of monolithic design? We'll help you get rid of the bottlenecks with Go or Node microservices.
Focus on your core features
There is plenty of services for everything available via APIs. We'll get you connected to Stripe, SendGrid, Google, or any other API you'll need.
Deploy anywhere
We'll help you delpoy you app. Wheither it is Heroku, AWS or you own cluster - we got you covered.
Enthusiastic approach
We love apps and we saw a lot of them. Whenever there'll be a way to improve you concept - we'll let you know.
Tight communication
The preferred way of work for us - is together with the client. We use Skype/Slack, Trello/Jira.
Contact Us
Tell us about your project and we'll tell you how we can help you.
We guarantee privacy of your concept.
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